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35 check-ins going from 6eaea2465f to 96e142ed8e

2021-08-28 15:31
[96e142ed8e] Merge [9d412bdfacee14e3|libf-amalgamation] into trunk. (user: mark tags: trunk, version-0.2)
2021-08-27 13:28
[b413600889] Implement simpler, more robust fix for line wrap. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-24 17:34
[4a7dffd4d5] Pull upstream changes from libfossil. (user: mark tags: trunk, version-0.1)
2021-08-24 17:28
[0db4a79ef9] Backout [e21c232837c27809|previous commit e21c232837]. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-24 05:42
[e21c232837] Fix report of repository fingerprint check fail. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-24 05:34
[a0c1152497] Fix subtle free of modified pointer. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-24 04:45
[1c0333dc94] Use more apropos curses API to fix [5faf191fec1465ac]. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-23 16:51
[e36746e355] Fix invalid memory read in diff logic. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-23 08:42
[4e29558f62] Minor overhaul of help and usage output. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-22 16:44
[8804f1b9fb] Merge [be2f0f4c01eae1c2|dev-diff-cmd] into trunk. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-20 17:51
[b2464b5cbf] Rename function to match its more general use. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-19 17:52
[b9024c7b70] Wrap long commit comments at available screen width. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-18 17:05
[6750024a65] Prune dead code and unused includes. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-18 15:26
[27d3d8656c] Style changes to comply with KNF. No functional changes. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-18 05:49
[b35337f3d9] Fix compatibility issues with ncurses calls on Linux. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-17 11:39
[2a1124ced7] Fix orthographic error in fnc(1) manual page. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-17 01:53
[052c752261] Removed a bogus -1 comarison against a UUID result string. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-08-16 18:39
[9ec41fb741] Disable fast refresh so we only update on user input. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-16 15:29
[e148ef04a9] Merge [8143702dc72751a5|dev-linux] into trunk. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-11 19:11
[8143702dc7] Closed-Leaf: More fixes for linux compilation. Hopefully doesn't break the others. (user: stephan tags: dev-linux)
2021-08-11 14:50
[9ee2acaf07] Replace fpos_t with off_t and fsetpos() with fseeko(). (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-10 08:24
[7652a8cba6] Replace BSD-dependent function with libf alternative. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-10 08:00
[6e803095a2] Merge updates from libfossil. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-10 07:30
[48e877f388] Add manpage for fnc. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-08 08:03
[7028002be6] Refactor fsl_list_clear() callback implementations. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-07 16:59
[324c04bdde] Rename fsl_list_clear() callback to disambiguate its use. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-07 16:44
[9733229222] Enhance diff view with coloured output. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-06 14:50
[fd44656bca] Fix diff and blame command function signatures. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-06 09:16
[72d1c5794a] Determine when the diff algorithm refuses a binary file. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-06 08:00
[06878eedc0] Enhance diff view of non-checkin commits. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-05 16:35
[abe638beea] Fix whitespace (indent) typo in commit [3de290148ccb3d38]. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-05 15:14
[3de290148c] Output full wiki content when the artifact has no parent. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-05 14:05
[d8b7730268] Enhance parse_emailaddr_username(). (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-05 11:32
[7dfce7ca8d] Add commit branch/tags to search results. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-05 08:12
[6eaea2465f] Initial commit of fnc. (user: mark tags: trunk)