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41 ancestors of 0.6 back to 0.5

2021-11-21 15:28
[bbf8590008] CHANGES for 0.6 (user: mark tags: trunk, 0.6)
2021-11-21 14:40
[3d1f3389a3] Add user-defined colour support to the branch view. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-21 13:28
[137502043f] Several documentation improvements. No code changes. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-21 12:29
[8d2f88c38d] Add tag artifact to timeline --type option. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-19 05:52
[ff31bdd103] Latest upstream libfossil for fsl_repo_rebuild() API. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-11-19 01:17
[0713597632] Latest upstream libfossil for additions to the fsl_cx_interrupt() APIs. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-11-18 16:13
[b8bb84328c] Latest upstream libfossil for various internal cleanups. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-11-18 13:58
[11a3547ccf] Latest upstream libfossil, most significantly due to swapped arg order for fsl_buffer_copy(). (user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-11-18 08:21
[8c946a0cf7] Implement new '--filter' timeline option and key binding. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-17 15:24
[5f745b57ca] Only free branch list in cmd_branch() upon error. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-17 04:12
[7f14bc2b7e] Squish commit builder bug when resetting the query. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-15 17:20
[140426875a] Only switch on verbose lib error reporting in debug builds. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-15 17:15
[c429837fe7] Enhance diff command to accept abitrary blob hash args. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-15 15:19
[33598f500f] Constify fsl_cx declarations. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-15 14:26
[d8a7849d08] Fix branch-to-tree-to-timeline segv bug when file is missing. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-15 13:12
[64302e03cc] More robust handling of cached statements when context switching. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-14 15:32
[32452d36f3] Use A_REVERSE vice A_STANDOUT and highlight full header width. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-14 14:21
[e446313079] Fix 'fnc tree' symbolic link regular expression. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-12 09:41
[790ff120e2] Display error when -u is passed with no <setting>. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-12 08:08
[11710e7b34] Revert globally configurable settings. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-11 13:59
[0fb067f98a] Fix bug that broke coloured views with compiler optimisations. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-11 10:50
[2e45ef794b] Explicitly define DBG:= in Makefile because bmake defaults that to -O2 and defines CFLAGS to include that var via /usr/shake/make/sys.mk. This eliminates the default cflags of -O2 but unfortunately leaves us at bmake's mercy regarding additional flags (currently -Wno-error but subject to system-level differences). (user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-11-11 09:50
[c720a09cab] Latest upstream libfossil for 2 compiler warning fixes. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-11-11 08:26
[897ecae98f] Update README to remove 'read-only' and update version. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-11 08:23
[a06ea2488a] Latest upstream libfossil [8d7b8f50c48c]. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-11 08:11
[23ac2f162f] Make Makefile make(1) compatible and add GNUmakefile. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-10 12:22
[d2d313bfab] Replace leading whitespace with tabs. No code changes. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-09 16:32
[a1344d756f] Merge [6573c9a2fe|dev-fx_fnc] into trunk with new 'fnc config' cmd. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-09 15:56
[6573c9a2fe] Closed-Leaf: Latest upstream libf, and remove check for open config db. (user: mark tags: dev-fx_fnc)
2021-11-09 10:39
[26890c7672] Open global config database immediately prior to use. (user: mark tags: dev-fx_fnc)
2021-11-08 14:11
[911388ffa7] Only initialise needed regexp and colour scheme arrays. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-08 08:27
[fe08adf5ae] Implement global config for the sake of comparison. (user: mark tags: dev-fx_fnc)
2021-11-08 08:10
[8013a4aa53] Drop fx_fnc and use the repository config table instead. (user: mark tags: dev-fx_fnc)
2021-11-07 15:43
[b575658a46] Improve output of 'fnc config' and remove global aspect. (user: mark tags: dev-fx_fnc)
2021-11-05 16:37
[d64adb8d0b] Provide 'fnc config' interface to set configurable settings. (user: mark tags: dev-fx_fnc)
2021-11-04 15:30
[533980bdd4] Use fx_fnc table to enable per-repo colour settings. (user: mark tags: dev-fx_fnc)
2021-11-04 11:47
[57fc33d7dc] Make branch view accessible from all other views. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-04 09:13
[47d29b6350] General documentation improvements. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-03 15:31
[833a584294] Implement support for user-defined colours in all views. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-03 12:44
[efc07d55d5] Cycle public keys: -0.4 +0.6 (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-03 11:34
[9d73a79fa8] Bump version number: 0.6 (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-03 11:28
[02e93d1924] CHANGES for 0.5 (user: mark tags: trunk, 0.5)