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Difference From 0.10 To 0.11

2022-05-08 13:47
[d32f0aee53] Bump version number: 0.12 (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-05-08 13:45
[53c1d7eb57] CHANGES for 0.11 (user: mark tags: trunk, 0.11)
2022-05-08 13:43
[2cf1a6ee21] Remove redundant fcli_has_unused_args() call from main() (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-23 14:12
[96169cac63] Bump version number: 0.11 (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-23 14:07
[dc8f00b193] CHANGES for 0.10 (user: mark tags: trunk, 0.10)
2022-03-22 14:54
[d05828fbb7] Expand diff view C-{j,k} key maps to navigate parent blame view. (user: mark tags: trunk)

Changes to CHANGES.md.

Changes to README.md.

Changes to fnc.bld.mk.

Changes to include/diff.h.

Changes to lib/sqlite3.c.

Changes to lib/sqlite3.h.

Changes to lib/sqlite3ext.h.

Deleted signify/fnc-09-release.pub.

Added signify/fnc-11-release.pub.

Changes to src/diff.c.

Changes to src/fnc.1.

Changes to src/fnc.c.