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21 ancestors of 0.10 back to 0.9

2022-03-23 14:07
[dc8f00b193] CHANGES for 0.10 (user: mark tags: trunk, 0.10)
2022-03-22 14:54
[d05828fbb7] Expand diff view C-{j,k} key maps to navigate parent blame view. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-20 14:34
[96eaf13450] Add horizontal scroll and (Q)uit key map to in-app help. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-19 16:12
[a9dfbe9c43] Implement diff --whitespace-eol option and 'W' key map. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-19 15:16
[0443143750] Implement persistent diff options applied to all diff views. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-18 03:48
[239ff49dd6] Document <BS> key map to abort timeline traversal/search. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-16 12:49
[e30a24c82e] Make directories as needed to install man page on Linux. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-14 15:59
[d4f8cfa3ef] Update README with FreeBSD port/package install info. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-14 15:33
[0f35bf4f20] Expand landlock ruleset to allow creation of regular files. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-13 12:54
[6c572035dd] Fix bug in landlock code introduced with [21524028a8]. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-11 15:37
[a0a5c95011] Code style cleanup. No functional changes. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-11 15:00
[c3773ab20e] Implement (P)atch diff view key map to write diff to file. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-11 07:05
[21524028a8] Add timezone info path to, and tighten, landlock ruleset. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-10 04:38
[a97a6075b8] Ensure branch query returns row with valid name field. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-09 14:07
[5fd23a07ec] Enhance branch view headline, date, and id rendering. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-09 13:39
[37e3c26c7f] Fix build on Linux systems with landlock enabled. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-07 13:30
[5ae374ee8d] Ensure timeline query does not filter on cancelled branches. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-05 11:19
[1900d83ac8] Only allow 'C' to diff local changes against check-ins. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-05 11:07
[ef53f08ba2] Fix gcc 9.3 compiler warnings reported by stephan@ (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-04 06:25
[eca4a8e5b8] Cycle public keys: -0.8 +0.10 (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-04 05:17
[a761c1f066] Bump version number: 0.10 (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-03-04 05:14
[aef65fd1a9] CHANGES for 0.9 (user: mark tags: trunk, 0.9)