Download, extract, and verify the tarball corresponding to the desired platform then put the fnc executable on your $PATH (e.g., /usr/local/bin).

OpenBSD 7.4 macOS Ubuntu Source
OpenBSD 7.0 macOS Ubuntu Source
SHA256.sig SHA256.sig SHA256.sig SHA256.sig
Snapshot as of 2023-11-26 [dce24e768585b8c3]

The SHA256 checksum of each tarball has been cryptographically signed with signify(1). To verify your download, obtain fnc's public key, then run either of the following commands from the directory in which the tarball resides on disk:

fossil wiki export -t <uname>-<version> | signify -Cp fnc-<version>-release.pub -x -

signify -C -p fnc-<version>-release.pub -x path/to/tarball.SHA256.sig

Exemplar authenticated response for fnc 0.16 on OpenBSD 7.4:

✓ fnc → fossil wiki export -t openbsd-0.16 | signify -Cp fnc-16-release.pub -x - Signature Verified fnc16-openbsd.tar.gz: OK

Alternatively, a copy of the public key is stored on DNS, which can be retrieved and saved to file with:

dig -t txt pk.bsdbox.org +noall +short | tr -d '\"' | tr ';' '\n' > fnc-16-release.pub

The public key has also been encoded into the following QR code symbol:

fnc public key