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19 ancestors of 0.2 back to 96e142ed8e

2021-09-04 04:57
Add changes for 0.2. (check-in: 689182448e user: mark tags: trunk, 0.2)
2021-09-03 16:23
Fix subtle bug in diff involving renamed files. (check-in: bbc35e7e69 user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-09-03 14:59
Relocate repository fingerprint check. (check-in: 1a22a1dcee user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-09-02 17:45
Improve multibyte_to_wchar() error handling and reporting. (check-in: 5e48635c82 user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-09-02 17:17
Fix indentation, and clobbered return code. (check-in: d599b422e6 user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-09-02 16:29
Release memory resources immediately after use. (check-in: f050a39e0c user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-09-02 02:07
Added install for fnc.1 man page. (check-in: 1008715532 user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-09-01 18:14
Enhance 'fnc timeline -c' option to accept symbols. (check-in: f3ec72bee8 user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-09-01 16:59
Change 'fnc diff' behaviour when diffing local checkout. (check-in: 7b83ce84a6 user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-09-01 14:44
Replace strsep() with naively rolled implementation. (check-in: d4f95456ff user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-09-01 14:40
Pedantic installation filename tweak. Same effect, different look. (check-in: f3840c7d12 user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-09-01 14:25
Initial port of severely overengineered (un)install rules from an older project. Hopefully this doesn't break much. (check-in: 98f9111e10 user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-09-01 12:38
Latest upstream wh-common.tcl. (check-in: adef459b8c user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-09-01 11:44
Updated autosetup to version 0.7.0+, Moved some cross-project auto.def checks into autosetup/wh-common.tcl. (check-in: 1a6dcc482a user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-09-01 03:19
Replace a non-standard use of a clang extension that optimize
(check-in: da43288276 user: mgagnon tags: trunk)
2021-08-31 18:18
Overhaul diff implementation when diffing local changes. (check-in: f7a0ce9baf user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-31 04:05
Update manual page with new [4eca5cfd84|key bindings]. (check-in: c8f848afc6 user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-30 19:00
Add key bindings to jump to start and end of view. (check-in: 4eca5cfd84 user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-08-28 15:43
Bump version number: version 0.2 alpha. (check-in: 39f43fcefb user: mark tags: trunk, version-0.2)
2021-08-28 15:31
Merge [9d412bdfacee14e3|libf-amalgamation] into trunk. (check-in: 96e142ed8e user: mark tags: trunk, version-0.2)