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58 ancestors of 0.7 back to 0.6

2022-01-08 13:30
[2c45034580] CHANGES for 0.7 (user: mark tags: trunk, 0.7)
2022-01-08 13:10
[277b68b64f] Bump year in license headers (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-01-08 08:19
[2f6872baac] Enhance search behaviour in all views and dedup related code. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-01-07 13:29
[a0ab9b923e] Implement Vim-like C-{d,u} keymaps in all views. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-01-05 08:44
[2305c9a380] Latest upstream libfossil for diff rendering fix. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-01-04 17:53
[58d7432286] Implement C-{n,p} and 'F' diff view key maps for navigation. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-01-04 09:43
[036dd6281f] Latest upstream libfossil for fsl_dibu_opt name change. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-01-04 09:12
[8017fee270] Refactor timeline and branch child view request handling. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2022-01-02 01:17
[31e2ad0717] Replaced fcli_setup() with fcli_setup_v2() in prep for replacing the former with the latter in the core lib. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-12-31 16:20
[e5a69bfd6e] Implement horizontal scroll in diff and blame views. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-31 12:00
[c2a7158c65] Latest upstream libfossil for diff v2 rendering fix. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-29 15:49
[fbf08ac22d] Implement line highlight and C-{e,y} key bindings in diff view. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-28 16:34
[0eb4aeffdb] Enhance timeline and diff view headline. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-28 15:12
[95e425b71b] Implement goto (L)ine key binding in diff view. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-28 13:57
[8a5a2499d2] Fix search on Linux, broken with the previous commit. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-28 13:21
[df7ea67cdb] Add support for user-defined search result highlight. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-27 15:52
[ef8e6d86f1] Scroll full page with C-{f,b} / Pg{Dn,Up} in in-app help. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-24 08:50
[d2a9f15f24] Implement (l)ine number key binding for diff view. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-23 14:49
[ed50cd4982] Latest upstream libfossil for fsl_dibu name change. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-23 14:09
[fe4c5c6c54] Revert backout and apply upstream fix to diffv2 bug. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-23 08:25
[28582b4ebd] Backout conversion to libf diff v2 API to fix large diffs. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-22 10:45
[2263592f91] Reset diff state to clear highlights, and improve view focus. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-22 08:48
[6da4ddc024] Try to keep current lines in view when generating new diff. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-22 07:36
[105123b40e] Convert all diff code to the new diffv2 libfossil API. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-21 13:26
[0c4a7c35e1] Implement 'l' & 'L' key bindings to goto line in blame view. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-21 08:32
[f853a9c5b9] Latest upstream libfossil for up-upstream fossil diff code fixes. (user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-12-18 09:08
[5dddbafd09] Expand horizontal split support to timeline -> tree view. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-18 08:50
[b5cd511cee] Improve blame handling of binary files. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-18 08:10
[8d082012bb] Latest upstream libf for fsl_looks_like_binary() API. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-17 15:57
[4f4d623d82] Plug small memleak when traversing commits from diff view. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-15 12:59
[c218a3eded] More robust handling of the cached commit builder stmt. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-15 12:25
[f4f3df1318] Bump _POSIX_C_SOURCE for unistd.h functions in libf. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-14 22:40
[3c15dce05e] Latest upstream libfossil to account for signature change of fsl_cx_is_case_sensitive(). (user: stephan tags: trunk)
2021-12-14 17:17
[398dbdee4e] Expand horizontal split support to tree -> blame view. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-14 15:37
[57ef34742e] Improve paging and don't scroll beyond final commit. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-13 11:53
[e768a48c61] More robust cycling of views with horizontal splits. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-12 13:17
[9f04b0719c] Implement configurable horizontal split view mode. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-12-03 07:10
[eeb62c02bc] Latest upstream libf with clang-13 compiler fixes. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-30 16:59
[0d1977feba] Latest upstream libf with annotate fix [11a6a98c81d1]. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-30 09:01
[1d0f6cfcad] Don't return error when blaming empty file and fix segv bug. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-29 17:16
[e96b889143] Add (d)ate key binding to toggle mtime in tree view. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-29 15:13
[a472221b5f] Latest upstreadm libf with temp table lock fix [009bc1ff55]. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-29 07:08
[443eb6b057] Latest upstream libfossil [0031d2f466c1db42]. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-28 07:16
[048607a6e1] Add (s)ort key binding (cf. --sort) to branch view. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-27 12:28
[4bb2e53ac9] Expand unveil to cover the 'fnc config' command. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-25 15:10
[e2e9b8fea3] Enhance OpenBSD builds with pledge(2) and unveil(2). (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-25 12:38
[4ccd071537] Fix 'database table is locked' error from repeated tree views. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-25 08:45
[333ded5a59] Fix copypasta typo from [518d6cbf5fc6f92f]. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-24 16:13
[301d298b37] Update version in README and add trivia bit. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-24 15:23
[4d7d0b0fa2] Plug small timeline memleak before view->close is set. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-24 15:15
[518d6cbf5f] Enhance parsing of db querying timeline and branch args. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-24 11:54
[23a2134db6] More robust handling of timeline --type <type> input. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-24 11:03
[ce73212918] Make db querying timeline and branch args case sensitive globs. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-23 07:07
[3ce067fdc5] Make all commands compatible with the -R|--repo option. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-22 07:25
[73b094b86d] Add fnc.bld.mk to fnc.o dependencies for version changes. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-22 05:12
[ff1b3479c7] Move common build settings to fnc.bld.mk to dedup. (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-21 16:43
[03d30ce01d] Cycle public keys: -0.5 +0.7 (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-21 15:32
[f3d6c2ff7b] Bump version number: 0.7 (user: mark tags: trunk)
2021-11-21 15:28
[bbf8590008] CHANGES for 0.6 (user: mark tags: trunk, 0.6)